Saint Ives Hotels

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Penzance and Camborne lie on the outskirts of St Ives, an ex fishing town that has recently been voted best seaside town of the United Kingdom by the Guardian Newspaper because of the charming picturesque coastal ambience felt throughout. The tranquil beaches, green farmlands and an ancient history that dates back to the 5th century only complements this little corner in the south west of England. Today this village like town's main industry is tourism from both overseas and British visitors all attracted by its global and local reputation as a top holiday destination. The Saint Ives Hotels provide a stellar experience for all from first class services to grand amenities the guests' needs and desires are met daily.

In legend St Ives derives from the arrival the Irish Saint la of Cornwall as he was among the first to this area, the parish church which backs up this fascinating part of history is still visible today and bears the name of this saint. During Medieval times between the years of 1747 and 1756 the town was the most important fishing port on the north coast, 900 million fish where produced annually in this area confirming this. The greatest catch was at Hogshead just off St Ives which landed 5600 fish in one seine. The connection of the country's always dependable train system 1877 transformed the town overnight switching the town industry to one of tourism; fishing eventually slowed down and moved away from this part.

Many tourists are drawn to these parts to enjoy a slower paced holiday in a place that easily suits the description of utter serenity, for the same reason many fall upon the idea of perhaps hosting a leisure function, business meeting or even unforgettable wedding day. These facilities stand proudly in the Saint Ives hotels each offering a stunning settings either overlooking the golden sands of the beaches below or the rolling valleys with livestock strewn across the horizon. The rooms are well appointed offering high speed wireless internet, tables, projectors, and microphones and surround sound speakers all elegantly decorated and fitted with the elegant decoration.

The Saint Ives Hotels offer a wide ranging choice of suites available from single, double, twin, family and king size the guests are sure to find comfort in the great four poster beds which make up the central focus of the room, all superbly dressed in warm heavy blankets and large decorative pillows. The views from the suites are tremendous each allowing the visitor to get completely lost in the landscape and surrounds. Every room is unique yet the still offer the same brilliant in room amenities one would expect in a first class establishment including large flat screen televisions, DVD players, CD players, unlimited wireless internet and tea and coffee making facilities.

The Saint Ives Hotels' front desk is able to make reservations for the many activities, events and intimate restaurants found in the town on the guest's behalf. A fine dining restaurant awaits the guest who would prefer to stay on the hotel grounds to allow that all important night of relaxation and ease. The restaurant presents an extensive menu that grabs the guests' attention almost immediately. A 24 hour room service operates from this desk.

The Saint Ives Hotels are sure to please even the most discerning traveller as the environment surrounding the hotel is mesmerizing, the sophisticated design of the establishment is breathtaking and the world class standard of the amenities is just the icing on the cake.